Welcome to the Team!

We want to welcome our newest addition to the Signe Spine & Rehab team, Amanda Duncan! She joined us at the beginning of March 2021 and has been with us just shy of 2 months. 

We are fortunate to have our former Practice Manager, Nicohl Cave, stay with us and transition into her role as our Insurance Coordinator (check out our previous blog posts by her!) She will continue to be a huge asset to our team with explaining the health insurance benefits to our current and potential patients and help them understand what they are paying for and why. 

While we have gotten to know Nicohl and her expertise through the past few blog posts, we want to introduce and get to know our new Practice Manager, Amanda. We asked her a few questions to learn more about her experience, why she wanted to work with Signe Spine, her goals for the practice, and what she enjoys doing outside of work.

Q: Tell us about a little about yourself and what brought you to Charleston. 

Amanda: Hey everyone! I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia, and have lived in Charleston for about 5 years. My first degree is a Bachelor of Music Therapy where I was trained to use music and interventions to meet goals for individuals. I moved to Charleston, SC for my first professional job as a music therapist. I am pursuing my Master of Health Administration at the Medical University of South Carolina and am completing the degree in May of 2021. 

Q: Wonderful! Tell us about your professional experience and why you wanted to work on the Signe Spine team.

Amanda: Absolutely. My professional experience prior to this opportunity is heavily in hospice, long-term care, and adult day services with a quality of life focus. After working in a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility for a little over a year, I moved on to a director role to help open a stand alone, dementia facility for about 2 years as a Program Director. I took a step away from long-term care after that experience to manage an adult day health center where I managed 11 employees and a few different departments. I learned so much in this position, and I felt it helped prepare me for future and bigger management roles. After last year managing through COVID, I was ready to explore other settings in healthcare in my career due to completing my Master of Health Administration at the Medical University of South Carolina in May of 2021. I was approached by Dr. Dan Nemeth about this opportunity and felt it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to expand my resume and skills and be a part of a great practice and team! 

Q: That sounds like a great opportunity! What are some of your goals for the Signe Spine practice and team?

Amanda: That is a great question! Because I have stepped into a different healthcare setting than my prior experience, my first month's goal was to establish rapport with the staff, understand and learn the target market, competition and unique selling proposition, and learn about Dr. Nemeth's approach to care, his offered services. After my first month, I feel that I have gotten to know the current staff and have established those relationships to continue building the team. After training, shadowing, and learning my in-office obligation, I am starting to get outside of the office to visit our referral partners and understand the competition in the area. I have very much enjoyed learning about Dr. Nemeth's diagnostic, conservative approach, and have learned so much in this first month and a half. I am eager to spread the word about how our services can help people find relief to their chronic or acute pain, restore function through non-surgical methods, and live a better quality of life!

My next month's goals include branding and helping bring awareness to our community about who we are, what we do, and why they might need and benefit from our services. We are also focusing on educating potential patients by presenting at facilities and hosting our own event at our practice next month called "Facts & Snacks" on Wednesday, May 26th, at 12:00 PM and at 5:30 PM.  This event will feature Dr. Nemeth and Nicohl to share about his speciality and how we can help you understand your insurance benefits and costs even if you are out-of-network with us. We hope to have a great turn out!

Q: Thank you for sharing! Last question, outside of work, what do you enjoy doing?

Amanda: Well, living in Charleston, I love to be outside near or on the water as much as possible! I am married, and enjoy spending time with my husband trying new restaurants and traveling as we are able. We have 2 adorable and energetic dogs, and enjoy taking them on walks on the beach and around where we live. 

We thank Amanda for her time and helping us get to know her better! Give Amanda a call to learn about what Signe Spine offers regarding services, available, same-day patient appointments, and how the team can help you get your life back and address your back, neck, and joint pain! 

Signe Spine Team Contributor

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